Preston is a published artist, writer and educator originally from Louisiana & works as a freelance illustrator, digital artist, fine artist, graphic designer and voice over actor in the Los Angeles area. He earned an M.F.A. (with honors) in Illustration from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and a B.A. in Applied Arts from the University of Louisiana. 

Involved with social issues and an avid artist rights advocate, he has been recognized by the Los Angeles City Council for his volunteer work and contribution to the growth of the arts in L.A. In 2017, Art Muzeo magazine featured a 3-page article on his series “Twisted Teddys” and in 2014, Acrylic Artists Magazine selected one of his landscapes for publication. In addition, in 2013, North Light Books chose one of his works for the book “Acrylic Works: Best of Acrylic Competition”. His artwork has garnered awards from Adobe Design, the International Society of Acrylic Painters, the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, the National Scholars Honors Society, the California Art League and other Local, National and International Competitions. 

The nature of my work is that through the use of varied imagery, classical and digital painting techniques and humor, I sometimes address contemporary, social issues that are relevant and that affect the human race on a physical and spiritual level. I hope the viewer is inspired to be more aware of their global connections to each other and to take personal responsibility for effecting positive change in society. My artistic goal is to achieve positive social change with my art. 

With my landscapes, portraiture and fantasy art, I strive for an emotional connection with the viewer through my mastery of technique and subtle handling of materials. My intent, through my art, is to connect with the viewer and elicit an emotional response, to delight and entertain and sometimes touch that inner child that is within each of us.

His mural work can be seen in a project dubbed the “Hollywood Night Gallery” on Hollywood Blvd. (he just recently restored the portrait of Buster Keaton) and in a mural honoring Bob Barker at CBS Studios. Some of his scenic work can be seen at Venus Fort (a shop­ping center in Tokyo, Japan), the Paris Casino in Las Vegas and other venues around L.A. He has traveled extensively; living & working at times in Norway, England, Italy and Japan.